Mrs. Crull's Second Grade Class

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Types of Sentences

This week we talked about different types of sentences. We learned about sentences that are questions, statements, commands, and exclamations. These are words that they already knew, so I challenged them to learn the other BIGGER words for these types of sentences. We talked about question sentences being the same a interrogative sentences. We discussed the word interrogate, and how it can help you remember what interrogative means. We also talked about how exclamation sentences are the same as exclamatory sentences. And then, we had a little fun with sentences that are statements. They learned that statement sentences are the same as declarative sentences. You can hear the word declare in the word declarative. We talked about how some people who want to "declare" something important, may stand on something that makes them taller, and yell their declaration out so that everyone can hear it! So of course, we had to all try this! :) Everyone stood on top of their desk and "declared" something VERY loudly!
Here is a picture of everyone declaring something.

Here is a video of everyone declaring something. :)